ISO420 Mixer

Isonoe has been shipping the ISO420 since early 2016. Built around the same mastering-grade analogue circuitry used in our rack-mount units Audio measurement figures which exceed any analogue mixer we have ever tested Powered from a compact version of our LRPS power supply Now ships with front headphone socket as well as rear Dimensions 305mm [...]

Deewee Mixer

Deewee mixer added to Custom Equipment page Click here for full case study PDF Click on image to enlarge

Floating Points Mixer

Floating Points Mixer added to the Custom Page Click here for a full case study PDF Click on image to enlarge

isonoe Supplies Front End Components for Despacio in Manchester

The following items were used by James Murphy and 2ManyDJs for Despacio, as part of the Manchester International Festival: 4 x Isonoe Phono Preamps 4 x Isonoe Frequency Isolators 1 x Isonoe 5-Band Equaliser 4 x Isonoe Linear PSUs 1 x Bozak DLS Mixer (remanufactured from original parts by Isonoe, with new pots, Isonoe PSU [...]